About Us

ChakriOnline falls under the Innovative Professionals Pty Ltd umbrella.

At ChakriOnline we are united in our vision to shape the career paths for generations to come. We are revolutionizing the way people Search for Jobs and assist Companies to attract & retain talented pool of Candidates.

We are also delivering you with new tools, methods and Technology to make it easier to find a job that’s right for you. We are dedicated to continuously improve our role in facilitating the matching and communication of job opportunities.

Corporate culture:

Innovative Professionals tie together people, process and units in order to achieve its business strategy. Our organisation culture and people process helps supports timely and accurate delivery of information.

ChakriOnline has a dynamic environment, known for its constructive culture, great leaders and high levels of engagement. Our company actively invests in attracting, developing and retaining industry’s best people, and aligns to the person-organisation (P-O) fit concept.

In order to manage the recruitment process effectively, it is important to develop an understanding of ourselves and how we want people to perceive us. Our life experiences, personal values and differences in culture affect the way we work, behave, motivate and view others.

Our employees are passionate about what they do and help those employers to deliver it. To make job search better, we partner with our customers to help them improve and attract talented candidates.

Benefits of our Service

  • User Friendly Website – We provide a quick, easy, convenient, accessible and effective method for Jobseekers to search for jobs or the right candidate for employers.
  • Technology – Combining innovative technology with customer-focused solutions, we continually deliver quality outcomes.
  • Scope – we cover all the jobs and jobseekers around Bangladesh.
  • Speed – From our site to our service, we are commitment to deliver fast, responsive and reliable service, as and when required.
  • Genuine – Our products, processes and policies ensure that all jobs and candidates on our site are real.