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19-Jun 2019
Asst. Production Manager - Sewing
Crony Group. ,   Vacancies [ - - - ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 24 May 2019 Friday 01:10 PM
Bachelor degree in any discipline

  • Lead the department and ensure accountability to the top management.
  • Keen knowledge about operation breakdown or machine layout
  • Efficiency driven production management
  • Monitor hourly production and ensure correct method so that the production output as per the desire limit.
  • Closely work with planning and merchandising department to execute order according to the plan.
  • Coordinate with concern departments for on time shipment.
  • Ability to ensure quick changeover.
  • Improvement of existing products using optimized level of Raw material.
  • Lead safety, quality and compliance activities in workplace.
  • To make sure that he/she can handle verities of Garments fabrics.
  • To make that evaluation atmosphere of his subordinates.
  • To arrange for proper documentation of all the activities in the floor.
  • Will make arrangement for right line layout or machine layout.
  • As a leader will inspire unit employees for better works,better motivation.
  • To organize pre-production meeting or pre-production activities to discuss related issues.
  • Will monitor progress of production against production plan.
  • As a Production Manager will coordinate with all the concern so that apparel or textile production progresses as per plan.
  • Responsible for ensuring discipline in the floor.
  • Should be able to do machine layout, time & motion study etc.
  • Managing work production department and implementing processes to improve efficiency.
  • Help analyze and assess product risks during the development, start-up/pilot runs and production.
  • Production Planning and follow up to reduce downtime.
  • Identify causes and actionable steps to improve product.
  • Analyze and assess Buyer/Customer feedback.
  • Managing all kind of Inspection & Audit related issues.
  • Tact fully handle all kind of worker/ labor related issues.
  • To ensure quality production in in sewing section.
  • Monitor the production procedure in all level of sewing and ensure correct method so that the production output is as per the desire limit.
  • Any other task assigned by the higher authority.
Job Context
    Must be batter knowledge about SMV, Efficiency calculation & implementation.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 8 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

25-Jun 2019
Factory Manager - Woven Project
Crony Group. ,   Vacancies [ - - - ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 27 May 2019 Monday 09:45 AM
Bachelor degree in any discipline Skills Required: Business/ Product Development

  • Formulate work schedules for the production team and communicate expected deliverables to achieve the production targets and objectives
  • Ensure efficient utilization of resources i.e. materials, labor, equipment to meet production targets and objectives
  • Exhibit knowledge of layout planning, production process management while maintaining production schedule to adhere to shipment timelines
  • Ensures complete adherence to organization\'s quality standards and practices keeping in mind quality and compliance requirements of international buyers
  • Track the defined KPIs to have complete view of the production activities and take appropriate corrective actions to ensure adherence to the plan
  • Resolve production operational issues by providing technical expertise and insights to the team
  • Drive and implements inventory control and cost savings initiatives within the department to achieve overall cost savings target for the organization
  • Identify development opportunities (skill development trainings, technical training requirements) for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the production staff for improving the overall production standards.
  • Application of core industrial engineering concepts to woven garments manufacturing processes.
  • Having clear idea about the quality of woven garments and to guide his subordinates to take necessary corrective measures if there is any problem of quality so that garments can be made exportable stage.
  • To implement price-controlled policy in every stage of production, so that production cost is reduced.
  • To ensure the duties and responsibilities of subordinates as vested on them according to the organizational policy;
  • To ensure proper planning to assure smooth operation within the team
  • Arrangement of briefing, training, coordinating, controlling and taking timely decision.
Job Context
    Must be experience in the development from initial stage in Woven project.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 15 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

28-Jun 2019
Manager - Export
Sajeeb Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 31 May 2019 Friday 09:05 AM
Post graduation in Marketing/ Management/ finance from any reputed Institute.

  • Measuring the export demand for every month and giving the order to factory as per demand
  • Follow up the inventory ( Both Bangladesh part and foreign Part).
  • Work with marketing team for market development, Business strategic planning & promotional activities and help the distributors to increase market demand and market coverage.
  • Competitive analysis, pricing of each product, Preparing value chain to match the product for market.
  • LC & TT Processing, Handling and complete all task.
  • Drive and lead to direct sales team achieve the target of the company.
  • Prepare all types of export documents, coordinate with Bank, negotiation with shipping line, C&F agents, Transport agents, LCL shipment
  • New countries product registration and prepare documents for product FDA approval.
  • Coordinate and arrangement of international Fair WOFEX ( World Food Expo), Food & Drinks Asia, Thaifix, SIAL Chaina, Canton Chaina.
Job Context
    Export manager will serve as intermediaries between foreign buyers and domestic sellers.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 5 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: - - -

28-Jun 2019
Assistant Manager (Export)
Sajeeb Group ,   Vacancies [ - - - ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 31 May 2019 Friday 09:07 AM
Post Graduation in Marketing / Management/ Finance from any reputed Institute.

  • To maintain communication with foreign buyers.
  • Collect order and payment from the importer/Buyer
  • Monitoring Production position and take preparation for shipment.
  • Support Banking formalities, Maintain liaison with export related trade bodies (i.e. BAPA, EPB, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Chamber of Commerce, Competitors Companies etc.), monitoring C& F agent on regular basis.
  • Prepare Export cash incentive and related documents.
  • Prepare or checking export Documentation (Sales Contract, Commercial Invoice, Packing & Weight List, Certificate Of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate, Musak 20, Bank EXP, C&F documents, BL draft, CNCA, GSP etc) & Office maintenance.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 5 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: - - -

29-Jun 2019
Management Trainee - Contract Manufacturing (Export)
Sajeeb Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 31 May 2019 Friday 09:09 AM
Post Graduation in Marketing/ Management/ Finance

  • Find out a company who are producing products which is required for our export market.
  • Communicate with that company and proceed negotiation for Contract manufacturing.
  • Have to communicate with the purchase department for Foil and Cartoon in regular basis.
  • Have to collect the order from particular desk for the particular product and submit to Contract Manufacturing Company.
  • Follow up the production and arrange to send finished product to factory or port.
  • Communicate with accounts and arrange to pay money to Contract Manufacturing company.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: Fresher
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: - - -

25-Jun 2019
Assistant Manager/ Manager, Planning
ELEGANT ,   Vacancies [ - - - ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 31 May 2019 Friday 09:34 AM
B.Sc in Textile Engineering from reputed University. Should have a good academic result.

  • Developing and managing a strategic planning framework for production management.
  • Timely ensure production plan and inform all of concern department.
  • Make lists of required materials, tools, and equipment.
  • Keeping and updating the all purchasing records and information that are comes from the buyer.
  • Run daily WIP (work in process) to review updated shipment status for all styles in each delivery.
  • Monitor WIP (work in process) & submit daily production report when needed.
  • Work closely with various depts. to ensure items are being approved within due dates.
  • Follow-up Production process, generating solutions as well as leading and overseeing the production activities and reporting to management including planning and strategy updates to resolve key issues.
  • Follow-up wash process, and take initiative to resolve any wash related issues.
  • Check shipment samples, and ensure timely shipment, maintain Quality as per the buyer requirement, ensure shipments with zero defects.
  • Follow up shipment, and ensure that all deadlines are being met.
Job Context
    We are looking strong analytical and garments exposure people.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 4 Years
  • Educational Qualification: B.S.C.
  • Salary: - - -

28-Jun 2019
Asst. Manager/ Manager - RMG Quality
100% Export Oriented Knit Composite Industry ,   Vacancies [ 4 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 01 June 2019 Saturday 09:12 AM
Graduation in any discipline from any public university. B.Sc. in Textile is highly desirable.

  • Ensure zero recheck Inspection.
  • Responsible for ensure buyers quality SOP & followup at every steps of production.
  • Responsible coordinating with buyers QA responsible & fulfill their guideline.
  • Responsible for conduct PP meeting & gide about QA issues.
  • Responsible to work as the team leader of the QA team to make team at all times.
  • Responsible for review first output garments against the Buyer approval sample.
  • Responsible for reduce rejection & wastes with proper guideline.
  • Responsible for followup on time shipment.
  • Responsible for good communications with Production & related responsible department.
  • Responsible for followup of pp Samples, Development Sample and bulk production etc before submit to buyers.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 8 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

28-Jun 2019
Sr. Executive/ Asst. Manager - Cutting (IE)
100% Export Oriented Knit Composite Industry ,   Vacancies [ 5 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 01 June 2019 Saturday 09:15 AM
Bachelor in Engineering (BEngg) in Industrial Eng & Production, Masters in Engineering (MEngg) in IPE Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology,Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology,Shahjalal University of Science & Technology students will get preference Skills Required: Engineers

  • Daily Team wise & Total Cutting Target Set up.
  • Daily Cutting Production Efficiency & Load vs achievement Report.
  • Style wise Cutting SAM Calculation.
  • Cutting Loss Efficiency Calculation as per Fabric, Size-set, File receive Qty report.
  • Monthly Team wise production & Efficiency Report.
  • Coordinate monthly sample review meeting.
  • Prepare & update skill matrix.
  • Input Send-Receive Discrepancy Report.
  • Coordinate with Sewing team for smooth sewing line feeding & related job.
  • Facilitating Cutting QCC Team.
  • Maintaining Kanban system.
  • Incentive bonus Calculation Update & Distribution.
  • Monthly Manpower calculation, Requisition & Utilization as needed.
  • Heat seal, Rib-Collar & Input Distribution follow up.
  • Coordinate weekly cutting meeting.
  • Mailing on File & Extra Fabric requisition, Fabric Quality, Rejection, Día, GSM, Print-Emb discrepancy, Marker efficiency & Pattern increases in Length & width.
  • Train workers with standard methods to develop skilled workforce.
  • Lead the team, supervise and train the junior colleagues/workers/Quality inspector & others

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 5 Years
  • Educational Qualification: B.S.C.
  • Salary: - - -

20-Jun 2019
Garment Technician
Bitopi Group ,   Vacancies [ - - - ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 01 June 2019 Saturday 09:26 AM
Bachelor degree in any discipline Education may be relaxed for more competent Candidates

  • Design garment construction and methods
  • Solve the technical issue in production through effective of analysis the problem is key company.
  • Drive QCO (quick change over) reducing the change over time.
  • Introduce new sewing method to improve the productivity of existing and new product
  • Maintain regular communication with customer, pattern makers and supervisor independently with regard to technical and construction issues.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the superior
  • Job Location : DEPZ

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

30-Jun 2019
QA - Technical (For Target Australia and Oshkosh)
Bitopi Group ,   Vacancies [ 2 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 09 June 2019 Sunday 08:16 AM
Bachelor degree in any discipline Education may be relaxed for more competent candidate

  • Reviewing Design sheet / techpack in advance and highlight discrepancies
  • Maintaining quality throughout the sampling
  • Introduce production friendly methods
  • Implementing Buyers pattern / construction / washing related comment
  • Verifying grade rules along with CAD team before bulk pattern handover.
  • Communication with Buying house / Buyer as single contact point
Job Context
    We are looking to get applications from some energetic, enthusiastic, potential people who has vast knowledge on working with Target Australia & Oshkosh. DO NOT APPLY WHO DOESN`T HAVE WORKING EXPERIENCE WITH TARGET AUSTRALIA & OSHKOSH.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 8 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

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