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03-Apr 2017
Executive - Quality Control
SwadeshBD ,   Vacancies [ 2 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 04 March 2017 Saturday 11:46 AM
Bachelor's degree in related fields.

  • Monitor and observe operations to ensure that the products are as per the product specification and meet production standards
  • Create and maintain quality control standards, checklist, and procedures.
  • Recommend adjustments if any to the process or assembly of the production line
  • Inspect, test, or measure materials or products being produced
  • Measure products as per the recommended rule and guideline
  • Accept or reject finished items based on quality
  • Remove all products and materials that fail to meet specifications
  • Discuss inspection results with those responsible to ensure products quality
  • Report inspection and test data
  • Excellent knowledge of current and upcoming regulations.
  • Knowledge on the production of puffed Rice, Chanachur, Dry-Cake, Spices, Biscuits will be considered as added quality
  • Communicate, provide updates to management in regular basis

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 2 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

03-Apr 2017
Executive - Production
SwadeshBD ,   Vacancies [ 5 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 04 March 2017 Saturday 11:48 AM
Bachelor's degree in related fields.

  • Ensure best utilization of workers and equipment to meet production goals
  • Ensure that production stays on schedule and within budget
  • Train, and evaluate workers
  • Analyze production data and write reports
  • Monitor the workers to ensure they meet performance and safety requirements
  • Create ways to make the production process more efficient
  • Determine the requirement and repair of machinery or whether overtime work is necessary
  • Troubleshoot problems and able to take immediate action for remedy
  • Overall follow-up of production procedure.
  • Knowledge on Hazard Identification Risk Assessment & Control
  • Knowledge on Food Hygiene and BRC system implementation
  • Technical knowledge on filling and processing.
  • Knowledge on the production of puffed Rice, Chanachur, Dry-Cake, Spices, Biscuits will be considered as added quality
  • Communicate, provide updates to management in regular basis

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

27-Mar 2017
Head of Operations - Rice Mill
Sajeeb Corporation ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 04 March 2017 Saturday 11:52 AM
Graduation/ Post Graduation/ B.Sc in Engineering from any reputed public University.

  • Plan, organize, direct and co-ordinate the total activities of the Factory.
  • Ensure production planning, purchase planning, production and available stock as per market demand.
  • Control and utilization of men, material for optimum productivity.
  • Supervise bottom line to get highest output with quality.
  • Streamline inventory of all production floor
  • Achieve optimum productivity, efficiency and quality excellence through use of manpower, material, machinery/equipment and other physical assets employed in the Factory.
  • Coordinate engineering functions in the manufacturing to ensure safe and sound working conditions in the factory floor (and the surroundings of the factory complex) for better productivity and profitability.
  • Ensure proper accomplishment of (i) R & D activities, (ii) Raw material quality control, (iii) Process Control, (iv) Finished products quality control.
  • Guide purchase to buy raw material for production.
  • Coordinate with both marketing and distribution for better production flow.
  • Maintain production management in light with QMS and EMS certification.
  • To attain 100% or maximum production capacity of each and every machinery.
  • Contribute in smooth production and operations & management in the factory to meet product delivery/ shipment deadlines.
  • Innovate, improvise, formulate and implement new concepts, techniques, methods and standard operating procedures (SOP) in production and operational management to achieve better quality and productivity.
  • Ensure total quality management (TQM) in production and operations process to meet the requirements of top management, buyers and external auditors.
  • Maintain good industrial/ labor relations in the factory.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 5 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

28-Mar 2017
General Manager - Production
Nitol-Niloy Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 04 March 2017 Saturday 12:49 PM
B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering

  • Prepare yearly, monthly & weekly Production Plan considering Sales Forecast.
  • Manage human and material resources to meet production targets.
  • Ensure quality of the finished products with zero defects.
  • Ensure that the production is cost effective; making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality.
  • Ensure production is on target in delivery dates with quantity and quality.
  • Set internal tools to measure individual as well as team performance of production team.
  • Ensure Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) inside the production area including worker\'s health by improving unsafe condition/unsafe acts by the employee.
  • Wet up of standard guideline for proper wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at each work place.
  • Maintain proper liaison with Business, Commercial & Warehouse to maintain optimum inventory.
  • Preparation/implementation of SOP and arrange in plant training for worker as well as supervisor to improve their skill and efficiency.
  • Maintain individual skills keeping up to date with latest production and production management concept.
  • Record keeping of daily production activity and submit monthly production report to authority in time.
  • Maintain proper record keeping of production information like - production quality, man-hour consumption, non-compliance record, safety violation, machine downtime etc.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of equipment.
  • Ensure full implementation of quality control measures and keep quality claim level to the minimum.
  • Set department objectives and monitor ongoing progress and performance.
  • Report on manufacturing activities on a regular basis to the Senior Management team.
  • Contribute to new business initiatives and projects and review and communicate the impact on manufacturing activities Environmental.
  • Carry out any other activity given by the authority.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: <10 Years
  • Educational Qualification: B.S.C.
  • Salary: - - -

06-Apr 2017
Management Trainee - Export
Sajeeb Corporation ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]
Posted on: 10 March 2017 Friday 09:31 AM
Post Graduation in English/ Economics/ Marketing/ Mathematics/ Statistics

  • Co-ordinates clearing and forwarding of all imports & exports for the company.
  • Performs costing of all import shipments for goods in transit in the consignment data base.
  • Liaises with Finance Department for opening Letters of Credit, transfers, and Bank Delivery Order for shipment covered by L/C.
  • Authorizes our Freight forwarders to clear the goods in case of direct shipments.
  • Co-ordinates for inspection and necessary survey in case shipments arrive in open/torn/wet/damaged condition.
  • Attends inspection of damaged goods during transit at airport/seaport along with the Insurance company\'s representative.
  • Obtain short lading certificate from Customs Authority.
  • Files Insurance claims and follows up for payments/credit note with the insurance company.
  • Checks and verifies Freight Forwarder\'s invoices for both imports & exports, obtain approval from respective department Head and forwards these to Finance for payment.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: Fresher
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: Minimum - 15,000.00, Maximum - 18,000.00 BDT Per Month

27-Mar 2017
Dy. Manager/Manager- Materials
Uttara Group of Companies ,   Vacancies [ - - - ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 24 February 2017 Friday 02:28 PM
BBA/MBA/Masters in any discipline with Post Graduate Diploma in SCM. The candidates having MBA in SCM will be preferable.

  • Ensure required quantity of materials with desired quality to the Production/Assembly Line according to schedule;
  • Coordinate and work with Quality, Engineering, Maintenance and Assembly operations to ensure 100% on-time delivery of the materials by establishing and monitoring schedule to proactively identify and address any issues.
  • Establishes and supervises production scheduling activities by monitoring material inventories, tracking progress of production and reviewing factors that affect schedules.
  • Establish and implement methods and best practices related to the systems and process that support inventory forecasting, purchasing, and material control.
  • Develop and execute a sourcing strategy to meet the company\'s business growth and sourcing requirements.
  • Responsible for accuracy of inventory counts by implementing and managing, in conjunction with related Departments, an inventory control system, identifying discrepancies in inventory counts and taking corrective action to guard against inconsistencies in the future.
  • Responsible for maintaining all Materials related Master Data including Vendors;
  • Any other duties as assigned by the management from time to time.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: <10 Years
  • Educational Qualification: BBA
  • Salary: - - -