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28-Mar 2017
Clinic Manager
Palli Shishu Foundation of Bangladesh (PSF) ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]
Posted on: 18 March 2017 Saturday 08:47 AM
Self-motivated, time management skill; drive the team to achieve NHSDP goals; must possess the ability to work under pressure; sensitivity to cultural differences and understanding of the political and ethical issues; ability to present problem-solving/analytical skills in clinical program, finance,

  • Programmatic:
  • Responsible for day to day management and operation of the Vital/Ultra and other service delivery points
  • Set service specific indicators both for Vital/Ultra/Maxi and satellite clinic except FP
  • Conduct monthly staff meetings along with all the staff and review performance against set objective
  • Periodically meet with CSPs and support them both programmatic and management support including regular supply and their stock.
  • Ensure all staff are trained and effective in their positions
  • Ensure the quality data - MIS, Financial, Inventory and others generated from the clinic level and routinely analyzed and used in management decision making.
  • Help Project Director and/or Project Manager for expansion and roll -out of health services
  • Maintain list of referral centers.
  • Ensure that the clinic comply with MCP, TIAHRT and Helms policy
  • Ensure monthly reports and other periodical reports as required
  • Ensure compliance of clinical guidelines and protocols
  • Responsible for maintaining the overall quality of the clinic.
  • Ensure that Clinic level Quality Circle has been established and functional.
  • Responsible for maintaining quality of the infrastructure of the clinic as per NHSDP clinic model.
  • Ensure stock balance of drugs and family planning commodities.
  • Visit satellite clinics; observe if satellite clinics are organized as per schedule and guideline. Check if supplies including supplies of RDF are at appropriate level; and if supplies meet the quality standard Ensure that QMS has conducted, in collaboration with NGO office, to all service delivery points to evaluate clinical quality and identify area for improvement, check if services are recorded correctly in the appropriate forms/register
  • Exit interview the customers at Vital/Ultra and satellite clinics, take action according to customer\'s feedback to increase their level of satisfaction
  • Management Functions:
  • Apply for clinic registration, area allocation/satellite clinic spots from local GOB officials
  • Liaison with District Technical Committee (DTC) for recommendation of registration renewal.
  • Liaison with TFPO to ensure regular supply contraceptive of GOB
  • Supervise work of other service providers and Admin Assistant\'s work on maintenance of store and fixed assets register, office supplies and their distribution up-to-date.
  • He/she must ensure that clinic and outside of clinic are clean.
  • Make necessary arrangement for valid and reliable data recording and reporting with the assistance of other service providers.
  • Establish linkage with SMC and other commercial medicine and products suppliers, get supply of contraceptive and logistic from them.
  • Ensure need based training of all clinic staff and CSPs.
  • Ensure MIS data are accurate and data is routinely analyzed and used in management decision making
  • Ensure formation and meetings of Static Clinic Advisory Committee (SCAC) and Satellite Clinic Support Groups (SCSG) and to hang and use map of catchment\'s area of the clinic.
  • Financial and Logistics :
  • Ensure zero stock out of essential drugs and contraceptives
  • Ensure that contraceptive and other logistics are procured; ensure proper storage and distribution of contraceptives and medicines
  • Ensure quality control of such supplies with two months minimum reserve
  • Ensure adequate transparency in financial control, proper governing and monitoring to the expenditure of funds as per guideline
  • Operate project bank accounts jointly with any other designated person as per NHSDP guideline
  • Ensure that petty cash is maintained as per financial guideline
  • Ensure compliance of audit recommendations and
  • Ensure reliable accounting and inventory system
  • Make liaison with GoB and other stakeholders for program implementation and represent the clinic in all government and other meetings
  • Represent Smiling Sun Clinic in the monthly Family Planning Committee and district coordination committee meetings and update clinical activities.
  • Coordinate with NHSDP and update them on clinic activities
  • Extend cooperation to HNPSP partners as advised by NHSDP.
  • Human Resource Management and Staff Development:
  • Ensure that each staff has job description, and conduct periodic staff performance appraisal.
  • Arrange training for staff in coordination with NGO and NHSDP and as per business plan.
  • Marketing/ BCC Activities:
  • Work with Service Promoter to develop and implement a clinic level marketing strategy and plan for each service delivery points
  • Ensure Service Promoter (SP) conducts health education sessions for the waiting customers at clinic and at satellite and IPC with community leaders and influential group.
  • Ensure SP conducts community meeting with intended customers for different service
  • Contact community institutions, groups, and satellite clinic house owners to promote clinic and its services.
  • Check if the BCC materials are available and used appropriately at Vital/Ultra and satellite clinics.
  • Carry out other project related duties as and when assigned by Project Director and NHSDP

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 2 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: Minimum - 14,634.00 BDT Per Month

28-Mar 2017
Service Promoter (SP)
Palli Shishu Foundation of Bangladesh (PSF) ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]
Posted on: 18 March 2017 Saturday 08:50 AM
Self-motivated with good time management; must possess the ability to work under pressure; sensitivity to cultural differences and understanding of the political and ethical issues; ability to present problem-solving/analytical skills; work independently with minimal supervision.

  • In the community:
  • Conduct IEC/BCC and marketing activities for community people e.g. community meeting, IPC and promotion of services;
  • Make her/ himself known to most of community people - who is s/he, what her /his affiliation is and what s/he does/ her/his organization does.
  • Identify community houses for organizing satellite clinics;
  • Contact/communicate (IPC) with the community leaders and involve them in community mobilization activities and regularly meet (IPC) with them to build rapport with them for getting community support
  • Coordinate with local clubs, religious and educational institutions and involve them in community mobilization activities and brand promotion;
  • Coordinate with the FP Committee at the union level/Ward level;
  • Form Satellite Clinic Support Group and organize its regular meeting;
  • Distributes posters, leaflets and make announcement to inform customers about services;
  • Organize group meetings to motivate intended/potiential customers about the benefits of specific health services
  • Must oblige by MCP, TIAHRT and Helms Amendment and maintain it strictly
  • Prepare and update list of pregnant women and follow up to ensure services
  • Prepare and update list of children under one and follow up to ensure services
  • Prepare list of schools/institutions/factories, build relationship to offer appropriate services Follow up of PLTM customers
  • Conduct health education session at Vital/Ultra and satellite
  • Identify potential customers for different services offered from the clinic.
  • Prepare list of competitor in the area identify area to give more emphasis to promot services
  • In the Vital/Ultra and Satellite clinics:
  • Educate/inform the customers about the availability of services and supplies at Vital/Ultra clinic, Satellite Clinics and at CSP\'s house;
  • Help Paramedic in registering client, conduct health education;
  • Help Paramedic in maintaining/updating records and registers;
  • Identifying poor customers of the area;
  • Distribute IEC materials to interested customers.
  • Ensure quality of all signboards placed at clinic and other places.
  • Where Community Service Promoter Present:
  • Assist Clinic Manager in recruiting Community Service Provider (CSP)
  • Assist CSPs to organize meeting with special groups like newlyweds, adolescents, pregnant women and post-partum mothers.
  • Ensure supplies for the CSP
  • Ensure the presence of the CSPs at the satellite clinic.
  • Assist CSPs in conducting Family Registration (FR) and update the FR regularly.
  • Keep records of his/her work as well as the work of the CSPs, prepare report and submit the report accordingly;
  • Monitor the work of the CSPs and provide feedback to the Clinic Manager
  • Identify problems of CSPs and provide solution.
  • Organize monthly meeting and follow up training with CSPs in each month
  • Carry out other related duties as and when assigned by the Clinic Manager.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 2 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: Minimum - 8,147.00 BDT Per Month

01-Apr 2017
Senior Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Shushilan ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]
Posted on: 20 March 2017 Monday 11:50 AM
Masters in any discipline or 4 years Bachelor Degree from a reputed university

  • Sr. TM&E will overall responsible for TM&E/MIS activities maintaining robust and sound results-based Training, monitoring and evaluation system developed by WaterAid Bangladesh. S/he will ensure that reports and deliverables contain valid and reliable information and will be responsible for maintaining the data in an organized manner and will prepare monthly progress reports and quarterly narrative report as per prescribed format developed by project. Key responsibilities of TM&E are -
  • Overall responsible for TM&E/MIS activities maintaining robust and sound results-based monitoring and evaluation system developed by WaterAid Bangladesh.
  • Ensure regular tracking and evaluating of valid, reliable and timely data.
  • Assist in conducting mid-term/final evaluation, special studies and in implementing TM&E Plan & collection & reporting of data as required by project.
  • Conduct trainings on Programme & M&E topics for staff.
  • Provide the lead on completing programme & M&E related documents, plans, reports in support of the PM\'s deadlines & deliverables to authorities.
  • Ensure accountability, accuracy & maintain activity implementation within approved budgets, & policies & procedures.
  • Monitor the program activities and responsible for coordination, collection and compilation of data on a regular basis (weekly/monthly/quarterly or as decided by the management).
  • Work under the guidance of Project manager and Organization Focal Person.
  • Participate in meetings on M&E, & with other relevant stakeholders.
  • S/he is responsible to assist in developing plans of effectively M&E systems developed for the project.
  • Assist to write Report and presentation.
  • Assist to develop systems to preserve and store data and information in soft and hard copies and support M&E in preserving and storing data and information with appropriate labeling.
  • S/he is also responsible for completion of day to day data entry through specific customized software, sometime monitoring different data entry node, ensure accuracy of data entry, monthly report preparation as per management requirement from existing data.
  • Any other job assigned by the management.
Apply Instruction
Shushilan - a national NGO is inviting application from qualified candidates for the \'Advancing Climate Resilience WASH for SDG Achievement in Coastal Area of Bangladesh project\' funded by WaterAid Bangladesh. If you are interested and meet the criteria, please send your application along with a cover letter, curriculum vitae, copy of all academic certificates and two (02) copy passport size photographs, copy of national ID to In-charge, HR Cell, Shushilan, Head Office: 155 Jalil Sharoni, Commercial cum Residential Area, Rayer Mohol, Boyra, Khulna 9000 on or before March 26, 2017. Only short listed candidates will be called for interview. Requirements are flexible for highly skilled candidates and women are especially encouraged to apply. Please mark position name on top of the envelope.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 2 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: Minimum - 35,000.00, Maximum - 35,000.00 BDT Per Month

27-Mar 2017
Field Facilitator (Female)
Shushilan ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]
Posted on: 20 March 2017 Monday 11:53 AM
Masters in any discipline or 4 years Bachelor Degree from a reputed university

  • Shushilan a National Non-government Organization is going to recruit one (1) Field Facilitator (female) for Amtoli of Barguna district or Dacope of Khulna district in the research project title on \'Socially Inclusive Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (SIAGI) in West Bengal and Bangladesh\' under Research & Advocacy Cell. It is a field level of decision making required of the position that is beyond what will be considered routine and the activities of the position will be required analytical thinking processes to be used in the decision making process for the position. Some examples of Field Facilitator job duties may include the following:
  • Mobilize the field including groups of marginal, landless, small and women managed households/farmers, as well as relevant stakeholders (Uniion Parishad, Upazila administration, Water Development Board, Agriculture department)
  • Conduct PRA and PAR
  • Engaging community and groups through PAR
  • Conduct group discussion, FGD, KII and case studies with narratives
  • Collect data through structure and semi-structure interview
  • Abstract Data from field
  • Validate quality of data elements/data editing
  • Evaluate consistency of data
  • Ad-hoc programming, as needed
  • Perform studies as related to research project
  • Conduct literature searches
  • Assist to modify, test, verify and analyze research data
  • Prepare samples for analysis by various instrumentation
  • Perform experiments
  • Assist to tabulate research data
  • Assist to develop research survey, questionnaire, or tests
  • Assist to prepare research manuscripts and research presentations
  • Develop and maintain research databases

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 1 Year
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: Minimum - 15,000.00, Maximum - 15,000.00 BDT Per Month