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28-Feb 2018
Executive, Supply Chain Management-Female
SQ Group ,   Vacancies [ 2 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 22 February 2018 Thursday 08:27 AM
The incumbent should be a business graduate from any reputed university. Any certification course/ diploma in Supply Chain Management (SCM) will be an added advantage.

  • Assist in conducting market research and analysis pertaining to industry capabilities, potential suppliers, product specification and development opportunities
  • Assist in developing and managing a pool of suppliers
  • Manage ITB (invitation to Bid) for lace & elastic with proper TOR (Terms of Reference) to obtain the best deal from the suppliers
  • Assist in evaluating bid(s) against set attributes by preparing comparative statement(s).
  • Order raw materials for sample(s) development as per requirement.
  • Assist in ensuring quality of the materials and products before bulk delivery
  • Assist in monitoring & evaluating suppliers\' performance
  • Assist in ensuring on time payment to vendor(s)
Job Context
    This role is responsible for assisting in sourcing and procuring (lace & elastic) materials and products that deliver the best possible value in price and quality while balancing risks, buyer\'s product compliance, regulatory concerns.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 2 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

08-Mar 2018
Commercial Manager
ISO Tech Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 22 February 2018 Thursday 08:35 AM
Post graduate or MBA in Accounting/Finance.

  • Perform all commercial activities, monitor & manage import/export related all works which includes, liaison with buyers/sellers, bank, insurance, shipping, courier, clearing agent, customs, customs bond commissioner ate, Tax, VAT related works.
  • Import and Export related all works, Prepare Export/Import documents as per L/C terms & conditions and submit to bank and negotiate/Purchase them and follow-up till the repatriation of the document value. L/C opening with appropriate terms & conditions, its amendment, liaison with supplier & shipping company for shipment on time, checking of all import related documents, document retirement and liaison with clearing agent for smooth delivery of goods from custom & port authority.
  • Monitoring international payment through banks as per payment mode. Negotiate with Bank for preferential exchange rate against import and export documents.
  • To ensure preparation of export relevant documents, Proforma Invoice, EXP, Bill of Exchange, Commercial Invoice, Packaging List, GSP, B/L etc. as and when required.
  • Prepare the documents for UP, GSP, B/L, PRC etc and communicate with concern office/department for timely collection of said documents, calculation of justified entitled claim regarding cash incentive proposals with concerned authorities as instructed by the Bangladesh Bank and take up the entire responsibility from submission the file up to Disbursement process.
  • To ensure validation/renewal & Custom audit & related works of bonded warehouse license from Customs Bond Commissionerate office. Maintain pass book, customs audit and related works. Arrange to prepare UP and issuance from customs bond commissionerate, Renewal work of all sorts of bond license, regular ex bond & in bond register, customs bond audit and Customs vat related responsibilities.
  • Strongly follow up with factory & shipping company / forwarder for sea, land & air shipment for on time delivery.
  • To maintain good relationship with Bank, forwarder, customs, C&F, transport and factory concern.
  • Liaison with Store team to maintain optimum stock level as per plan.
  • Overall responsible for Local and imported Raw Material and Capital machineries release for the company.
  • Prepare the actual costing and submit the bills of clearing agent and courier against import & export works.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: - - -

15-Mar 2018
External Relationship Manager
ISO Tech Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 22 February 2018 Thursday 08:37 AM
Completed graduation in any subject.

  • To maintain relationship will all related external organizations which are private, government, semi government office.
  • Prepared of applicable for any kind of permission, from any government authority and according prepare the rules with all related documents.
  • Government /semi -government authorities of any kind of approvals for any submitted applications.
  • Maintain a god line up with all the external authorities related with company and update / renew / reissue any license permissions/ approval time to time and in term according.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: No preference
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

22-Feb 2018
Deputy Manager - Logistic
Confidence Cement Limited ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 27 January 2018 Saturday 10:56 AM
Masters in any discipline from any reputed institute

  • Responsible for operating vehicles without any difficulties
  • Establish quality transportation services
  • Plan and implement budgets
  • Review financial reports on monthly basis
  • Assist Head of Transport for day to day transport operations
  • Make a plan for operating the vehicles in effective and efficient way
  • Supervise / monitor maintenance of vehicles
  • Ensure that the drivers are maintaining the traffic rules and regulation strictly
  • Handle the matter related to untoward situation / accident very efficiently and cost effectively
  • Ensure that the drivers for careful driving and try to reduce incident & accident
  • Ensure that the vehicles fitness, renewal of tax token, insurance coverage etc. are done on time
  • Maintain liaison with BRTA and other concerns for smooth transport operations
  • Submit operational report to the Management regular basis
Job Context
    Location: Madambibir Hat, Bhatiary

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 6 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: - - -

28-Feb 2018
Commercial Executive
Ahmed Amin Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 01 February 2018 Thursday 09:14 AM
Minimum graduate degree from any reputed University. Preferable from marketing and business administration related fields.

  • To prepare all types of export and import documents
  • Execute all regulatory formalities (Bank/ Insurance/ Customs/IRC/ERC/TL/VAT/TIN/PRC) relating to Export/ Import
  • Final documents dispatching & banking
  • Assisting accounts department in preparation of cash flow
  • Dealing with clients correspondence related to Import/ Export
  • Works efficiently and calmly tight deadlines or other stress factors arise.
  • Resolving contractual and commercial problems
  • Offering direction and instruction
  • Accepts extra duties as situations arise

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

02-Mar 2018
Commercial Officer
Sepal Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 03 February 2018 Saturday 08:35 AM
Bachelors Degree or above

  • To prepare, Commercial invoice, packing list, Detail Packing list, UD, IC, and Draft BL.
  • Able to prepare CO (certificate of origin), NOC, GSP, CO/SAFTA/AFTA.
  • Dealing all Invoice, PL, B/L, shipping documents, SAPTA Etc. with respective offices/Banks.
  • To collect quotation against specific freight forwarder and other parties.
  • Prepare all export documents (bill of exchange, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Buyer Packing List, Beneficiary Certificate, Shipping Bill, EXP, Etc) and others documents for Customs, Buyer, Bank purpose.
  • To send Payment request to buyer and follow up payment received or realization.
  • Candidate should have practical knowledge on web booking & online documentation.
  • To online correctly booking confirmation against export consignment through shipping lines.
  • To handle EPB related activities & Prepare documents.
  • Candidate should have sound knowledge for correspondents with buyer, buying office, shipping line, freight forwarder, C&F and other related offices by mail or oral.
  • Applicant will get preferences, which have sound knowledge on Commercial documentation for reputed brands like: Li & Fung, Winners, Am London, Jayroma, Inditax, Primark, and The Just Group.
  • To Perform on HS code, Customs Act, Import Policy, Export Policy, Bond formalities and other related laws applicable for Import & Export.
  • Verification of Customers LC as per Purchase Order terms, document preparation, including rising of Promissory Notes as per LC Terms.
  • Supporting the Manager, Commercial in day to day commercial activities.
  • Able to any other commercial related work assigned by Top Management.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 5 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

26-Feb 2018
Officer - Store
Partex Star Group ,   Vacancies [ - - - ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 03 February 2018 Saturday 08:42 AM
Minimum Graduate preferably in Business Administration

  • Material Planning (Consumption, Re-ordering, Stock margin etc.)
  • Maintain Stock Report using software.
  • Prepare Imported & Local purchase requisition based on consumption.
  • Follow FIFO and EOQ
  • Inventory control.
  • Maintain store items using inventory tools (ABC/FSN etc.)
  • Receive incoming materials, conduct inspections, ensure quantity as per packing list or clallan.
  • Ensure proper storage of all materials, spare parts, general and goods kept under custody and undertake regular stock auditing activities as per the defined audit procedure.
  • Coordinate with concerned Department(s) to maintain receive and delivery schedule.
  • Lead the team of workers / staffs
  • Ensure safety, quality, compliance activities and clean and tidy store site in workplace.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors/ Honours
  • Salary: - - -

08-Mar 2018
Assistant Manager/ Manager (Commercial)
Nitol-Niloy Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 10 February 2018 Saturday 08:28 AM
M.Com/ MBA in Supply Chain Management/ Accounts/Finance.

  • Sourcing (foreign and Local) the most affordable materials for the company\'s maximum profit.
  • Ensuring the adequate supply of all required materials, components and equipment at right time.
  • Ensure checking the price of the procured goods by visiting the market frequently and prepare comparative statements for management decision.
  • Helping to source alternative items for buyers and customers.
  • Monitoring delivery times to ensure they are on time.
  • Coordinate with C&F agents to ensure on time shipment and communicate transport service agent to unload goods at right time.
  • Coordinate with factory stores for delivery of goods, documentation on a timely basis.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 7 Years
  • Educational Qualification: MBA
  • Salary: - - -

24-Feb 2018
Supply Chain Executive - Procurement
Ananta Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 14 February 2018 Wednesday 09:23 AM
Masters or Graduate Degree with excellent academic results from any reputed University.

  • Strict follow fabric / accessories procurement SOP when approving/sending official purchase orders.
  • Regular follow up on trim quality issues up to the garment ex factory.
  • Achieve Supply Chain Department KPI s
  • Achieve financials for the department
  • Work with different suppliers and negotiate the best price
  • Work with internal Production, Merchandising teams and Suppliers to communicate and ensure Buyer\'s quality requirements
  • Zero financial impact due to supplier\'s delivery/quality issues. and make sure set off claims on time
  • Zero financial impact due to supplier\'s material defects and assure set off claims on time
  • Use of ERP System to control booking, purchase & issue.
Job Context
  • Booking Merchandising - Central Procurement
  • Need 3-5 years booking experience in Denim factory.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: - - -