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22-Jun 2019
IT Manager
ACE AUTOS (Pvt.) Ltd. ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 29 May 2019 Wednesday 09:12 AM
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) BS in Computer Science, MIS or similar field. BRAC University,East West University students will get preference Skills Required: Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator

  • Work closely with departmental managers to determine the maintenance and growth needs of the network, providing technical support across the company, setting up accounts for new users
  • Monitor changing network technology and deliver a technology update to the executive team each quarter, determine the methods for upgrading company network software programs each time an update is released
  • Responsible for creating and administering disaster plans that will keep the company functional in the event of a crisis
  • Monitoring and maintaining computer systems, networks, websites, social-media and e-commerce sites
  • Implement software for Call-centre and tracking location of all mobile sets carriers
  • Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners, repairing and replacing equipment as necessary; develop innovative network troubleshooting methods that reduce downtime and lower repair costs
  • Responding in a timely manner to service issues and requests
Job Context
    An IT managers is expected to be responsible for the secure and effective operation of all computer systems, related applications, hardware and software that is used in most private sector organisations. Digital security will be a one of his concern. Qualities such as accountability, crisis management and an ability to priorities are essential to great IT Managers.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 5 Years
  • Educational Qualification: B.S.C.
  • Salary: - - -

27-Jun 2019
IT Executive
ACE AUTOS (Pvt.) Ltd. ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 03 June 2019 Monday 01:09 PM
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in Computer Science & Engineering Minimum Diploma in Computer Science. Skills Required: Adobe Lightroom,Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator

  • Maintain ERP software, hardwares, servers, anti-virus,
  • Manage e commerce hub for the Call center, company website, and all communication tools
  • Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners
  • Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks
  • Bundle SMS management by software
  • E mail correspondence
  • Collect necessary information
  • Assist sales department in preparing Tenders
  • Execute any special assignment assigned by MD
Job Context
    With a history of 23 years` trusted service in the automobile industry, Ace Autos, the Exclusive Distributor of Haval in Bangladesh, is confident to take it to the new level in the coming years! In that direction, we are looking for a resourceful, energetic, and ambitious team to achieve our Mission, Vision !

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 2 Years
  • Educational Qualification: B.S.C.
  • Salary: - - -

27-Jun 2019
Sr. manager/Manager - IT
Abul Khair Group ,   Vacancies [ - - - ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 14 June 2019 Friday 09:37 AM
B.Sc in Engineering (CSE/Mechanical/Electrical) from any Public University. Educational Qualification may be relaxed for highly experienced candidates.

  • To ensure successful rollout and effective implementation/maintenance of the Oracle E-business suite to derive maximum benefit of the Organization.
  • To ensure IT planning, organizing and execution of IT functions for the Organization. This includes directing IT operations to meet customer requirements as vel1 as the support and maintenance of existing infrastructure, applications and development of new technical solutions.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: <10 Years
  • Educational Qualification: B.S.C.
  • Salary: - - -

16-Jul 2019
Sr. Officer/ Sr. Executive (IT)
Nitol-Niloy Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 17 June 2019 Monday 11:30 AM
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in CSE Masters in CSE Preferable Skills Required: 3dStudioMax,JavaScript,Maya

  • Create elegant, high-fidelity designs and specifications, information-defense responsive web layouts for any type of device.
  • Translate concepts into user flows, wire-frames, mockups and prototypes that lead to intuitive user experiences.
  • Make strategic design and user experience decisions related to core and new functions and features.
  • Identify UI-UX gaps in existing software applications by analyzing data collected using tools.
  • Ensure your design decisions should be based on the overall design road-map as well as your own design thinking and fundamental.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: B.S.C.
  • Salary: - - -