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15-Mar 2017
SAME PAGE LIMITED ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 13 February 2017 Monday 09:54 AM
Bachelor degree

  • Research google and other QA site like quora and yahoo answers etc.. in IT related things
  • Our staff will give question for research like
  • EX. want to find chatbot service
  • That is not image. image can\'t be read google.
  • What is best practice in dropbox for team? Sometime my laptop is full for other person\'s date. We know selected shared folder. But not enough.
  • Make list forURL and page view and number of employees and annual report in famous website development companies in US.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: Fresher
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: - - -