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26-Jan 2017
Head of Internal Auditor
Sajeeb Corporation ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 09 January 2017 Monday 08:10 AM
Post Graduation in Accounting/ Finance from any reputed Public University.

  • Conduct and follow up audit on the effectiveness of internal control, safeguarding procedure of company\'s assets and existence of good Corporate Governance.
  • Develop audit program, guide & procedures for internal auditor(s) to implement audit program, procedures and visit different stores, Depots, over the country to follow up audit stuff activity.
  • Manage and supervise daily finance administrations including daily booking, material controlling, bill checking and periodical account closing of the plant.
  • Conduct regular stores/ Depots audit, verify their documents and finalize their audit reports and follow up activities in an effective, professional and timely manner.
  • Ensure compliance with corporate, local statutory requirement through appropriate record keeping.
  • Follow up management actions/implementations on audit recommendation to monitor that business is conducted in a proper and sound manner.
  • Review the policies and process of the company risk management and ascertain the extent of compliance with established policies, procedures and instructions in Monthly Audit Meeting.
  • Identify loopholes and recommend risk aversion measures and cost savings
  • Maintain open communication with management and audit committee.
  • Identify financial and administrative weakness and make recommendations with time frames to the operational units on all financial matters

We are looking for a Head of Internal auditor to add value and improve our operations by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. The successful candidate will possess a thorough knowledge of accounting procedures and a sound judgment.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 5 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: - - -

26-Jan 2017
Officer - Audit
NASSA GROUP ,   Vacancies [ 2 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 10 January 2017 Tuesday 07:39 AM
M.Com in Accounting from reputed University.

  • Conduct Internal Audit over operational & Financial Activities.
  • Reconcile on day to day various operational process.
  • Check regular procurement process.
  • Check bills and vouchers.
  • Check Monthly salary and wages.
  • Assist in controlling cost, safeguarding assets and ensuring company norms in operation.
  • Reconcile input and output of process.
  • Reconcile of raw materials on receipts quantity, issue quantity, consumption quantity and leftover quantity.
  • Check inventory process.
  • System audit as per company policy.
  • Check for noncompliance with laws and regulation.
  • Check Costing produced by costing department.
  • Special audit as per management requirement.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: M.COM
  • Salary: - - -

22-Jan 2017
Senior Officer - Accounts
NASSA GROUP ,   Vacancies [ 15 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 10 January 2017 Tuesday 07:43 AM
M.Com in Accounting CA CC with good academic qualification from reputed Institutions will get preference.

  • 1. Budgeting:
  • Prepare & Analyze monthly departmental budgeting and accounting reports to maintain expenditure controls.
  • Consult with managers to ensure that budget adjustments are made in accordance with program changes.
  • Match appropriations for specific programs with appropriations for broader programs, including items for emergency funds.
  • Provide advice and technical assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation and budget preparation.
  • Perform cost-benefits analyses to compare operating programs, review financial request, and explore alternative financing methods.
  • Fund budget allocations, expenditures, fund balances and related financial activities for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, revenues are recorded, expenses are within budget limits and/or fiscal practices are followed.
  • 2. Internal Audit:
  • Responsible for the timely execution of risk-based internal audit in accordance with the annual audit plan, as well as assisting with other audit matters and projects.
  • Conduct risk assessment of assigned department or functional area in established/required timeline.
  • Perform and control the full audit including risk management and control management over operations\' effectiveness, financial reliability and compliance with all applicable directives and regulations.
  • Obtain, analyze and evaluate accounting documentation, previous reports, data, flowcharts etc.
  • Prepare and present reports that reflect audit\'s results and document process
  • 3. Treasury Management:
  • Forecast cash flow positions, related borrowing needs, and available funds for investment.
  • Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements.
  • Use hedging to mitigate financial risks related to the interest rates on the company\'s borrowings, as well as on its foreign exchange positions
  • Prepare & Follow a system of policies and procedures that impose an adequate level of control over treasury activities
  • 4. Fixed Asset Management:
  • Follow & Update a system of controls, procedures, and forms for fixed assets register.
  • Follow of updates accounting policies related to fixed assets adopted by Management
  • Maintain & updates tag numbers to fixed assets.
  • Record fixed asset acquisitions and dispositions in the accounting system.
  • 5. Regulatory Compliance:
  • Prepare payment & filing withholding taxes
  • Payment of VAT & filing of VAT returns
  • Prepare and collect of documents related to withholding Tax, VAT & Statutory compliance
  • Prepare the documents for VAT Exemption Certificate
  • 6. Expenses and Payable:
  • Updating and maintaining records of expenditures
  • Ensure good working relationship with vendors and acknowledge queries
  • Arrange vendor profiles
  • Ensuring that all payments are made in accordance with company policy
  • Ensuring that all payments are sent on time
  • Collect invoice / bill and others documents from suppliers
  • 7. Accounts Preparation:
  • Prepare the financial statement with consideration IAS, BAS & IFRS
  • Ensure the timely reporting of all monthly financial information.
  • Assist the Controller in the daily banking requirements.
  • Ensure the accurate and timely processing of positive pay transactions.
  • Ensure the monthly and quarterly Bank Compliance activities are performed in a timely and accurate manner.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: M.COM
  • Salary: - - -

11-Feb 2017
Deputy Manager/ Manager, F and A (Budget and Reporting)
Omicon Group ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 10 January 2017 Tuesday 10:33 AM
MBA/ MBS/ M.Com with CA CC/(PE-I)/ Knowgledge Level

  • Budget Preparation & Variance analysis.
  • Daily receipt payment report.
  • Cost analysis.
  • Comparative statement preparation as per requirement.
  • Collection monitoring and reporting.
  • Daily, monthly& quarterly report preparation as per requirement.
  • Half yearly, yearly report preparation as per requirement.
  • Collaborate with senior management team on organizational planning and decision-making.
  • Ensure accuracy and integrity of financial reports.
  • Responsible for budgetary planning and control, cost management and financial feasibility analysis.
  • Any other task assigned by the management.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 5 Years
  • Educational Qualification: MBA
  • Salary: - - -

25-Jan 2017
Director (Finance and Accounts)
Concorde Garments Group. ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 11 January 2017 Wednesday 09:46 AM
M.Com in Accounting from any reputed university (Qualified Professional Accountant will get preferences) CA/ FCA from a recognized Firm/ Institute is must.

  • Should have been capable to plan, execute and coordinate the yearly financial budget of the group.
  • Must be experienced handling all banks correspondence, liaison and coordination with them.
  • Oversee corporate tax, VAT, etc. and comply with NBR requirements.
  • Should be well conversant about the work and activities of commercial department and make liaison with them periodically.
  • Be responsible to handle all activities of Finance & Accounts at corporate office and other units of the group.
  • Make all types of financial forecast well in advance to meet-up any unforeseen requirement.
  • Must have knowledge on IT Management of Accounts and finance activities of the group.
  • Must have the experiences to work in export -oriented organization.
  • Monitor monthly and yearly accounts activities and ensure necessary reconciliation thereof.
  • Forecast salary budget and projected financial statements well in advance.
  • Supervise of stigmatization, cost allocation and posting to the General and Subsidiary ledger for any audit purpose .
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the Management.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: <10 Years
  • Educational Qualification: M.COM
  • Salary: - - -

23-Jan 2017
Asst. Manager - Internal Audit
Citizen Group of Industries ,   Vacancies [ - - - ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 12 January 2017 Thursday 06:06 AM
M.com/ MBA from any reputed University

  • Check day to day all bill, Vouchers
  • Check all type of management & financial report
  • Check all type of Tally posting
  • Inventory verification
  • Fixed Assets verification
  • Accounts Receivable balance confirmation
  • Audit of operation, transaction, assets & inventory for showrooms
  • Check monthly Salary sheet, Bonus sheet, Overtime sheet
  • Check costing procedure
  • Check monthly sales & collection report
  • Visit factory on monthly basis to look after overall factory operations
  • Report to management about non compliance of operational & transaction procedure
  • Special audit assigned by management

Applicant should have experience about the business areas: Manufacturing Company, MNC, Preferred for cables industry applicants

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 3 Years
  • Educational Qualification: M.COM
  • Salary: - - -

24-Jan 2017
Officer (Accounts), Transport
Kabir Group of Industries ,   Vacancies [ 1 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 12 January 2017 Thursday 06:29 AM
MBA/ M.Com (Accounting/ Management), CA - CC or ICMA (PL-2) any other Additional qualification is beneficial for the applicant.

  • To make payment to driver / helpers as per transport policy.
  • To prepare all kind of vouchers & posting in software.
  • To maintain General Ledger of the respective concern.
  • Checking of salary sheet & payment, OT & other benefits of the respective factory\'s employee.
  • Monthly billing process for sister concern reconciliation as per delivery statement.
  • Communicate time to time with head office for accounts information as per query by the supervisor.
  • Other responsibilities assigned by the supervisor for daily routine activities.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 2 Years
  • Educational Qualification: MBA
  • Salary: - - -

25-Jan 2017
Sr. Officer (Finance)
Fakir Fashion Ltd. ,   Vacancies [ 2 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 13 January 2017 Friday 10:17 AM
Masters of Commerce with CA knowledge level completed

  • Responsible to preparing the departmental expense reports and prepare variance with budget/plan on monthly basis and follow up.
  • Assist to prepare master budget for knit composite garments manufacturing industry.
  • Analyze and monitor the raw material consumption of each product comparing with BOM/ Pre-cost to control the RM cost.
  • Assist to prepare the order/buyer wise performance along with variance.
  • Assist to prepare daily cost of production and profitability report for each profit center.
  • Assist to prepare the reconciliation of cost accounting & financial accounting.
  • Monitor the status of all inventory items and report if any abnormality found.
  • Other jobs assigned by the management.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 2 Years
  • Educational Qualification: Masters
  • Salary: - - -

02-Feb 2017
Manager (Accounts)
Khansons Group ,   Vacancies [ 3 ]  Salary Negotiable
Posted on: 13 January 2017 Friday 10:23 AM
M.Com in Accounting/ MBA (Finance & Accounting)

  • Preparation of Sales Invoice and preparing related Journal Voucher.
  • Ledger posting-Debtors, Long term loan & Short term loan.
  • Preparation of long term loan & short term loan statement.
  • Export related documents filling, Maturity Adjustment, bill negotiation adjustment and export status submission
  • Bank Interest calculation.
  • Assist to Chief Accountant during preparing Accounts statement emergency basis.
  • Monthly reconciliation of Debtors.
  • Maintaining creditors A/C (Raw cotton & Spares parts).
  • Experienced in Tax & Vat.
  • Any other job assigned by Chief Accountant.

Additional Requirements
  • Experience Level: < 5 Years
  • Educational Qualification: M.COM
  • Salary: - - -

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